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News & Shopify Tips

  • All store owners want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We're all looking to boost SEO, and we're all looking for for more referrals.  We've developed a unique approach to accomplishing all three at once. This is a tactic that was inspired after listening to a podcast with Neil Patel on the podcast Smart Passive Income.  We've put our own spin on it and it's worked incredibly well for us in the past two months. We hope you implement this and find value in it.  • • • Tracy and I run...


  • By Tom Sailors | Tom and Tracy have been Shopify Partners since 2010 Background Since early 2009, Tracy and I have been working exclusively on Shopify. We operate our own stores on Shopify, have worked with close to 300 Shopify store owners, and have built and sold 3 e-commerce stores on Shopify. We were one of the first Shopify Experts, and today manage our own stores and clients from our home office outside Omaha, Nebraska. Before Shopify In late 2008, Tracy and I owned a small web development company that we had been running...